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More from one hand

co360 consists of an interdisciplinary team of qualified, experienced, and independent consultants in the areas of fiduciary services, taxes, human resources, and real estate management. This enables us to provide you with a 360° perspective and to recognise aspects and interdependencies that are often overlooked in a one-dimensional approach.

You have come to the right place if you, as a private individual or an SME, are looking for advice on an equal footing, are interested in a solution-oriented and efficient approach to work and appreciate it when we work with you, and also sometimes think outside the box. We proactively use our extensive network  to achieve our clients’ objectives in the best way possible.

Offered Services

  • Tax returns for companies and individuals

  • Tax advice on founding, restructuring, reorganisation, liquidation, and mergers and acquisitions of companies

  • Tax planning and optimisation for companies and individuals

  • Expense regulations

  • Consulting and implementation of STAF- instruments

  • Tax rulings

  • Appeal procedures

  • Supplementary and penalty tax procedures

  • Real estate taxes (property yields and / or property transfer tax)

  • Advice on withholding tax, declarations and refunds

  • VAT declarations, reconciliation work, support with VAT audits

  • Assistance with tax audits

  • Performing tax risk assessments in relation to annual accounts

  • Fiscal representation of VAT taxpayers domiciled abroad

Fiduciary and management consulting
  • Company incorporation (sole proprietorships, joint-stock companies, limited liability companies, foundations)

  • Restructuring (conversion, merger, demerger)

  • Liquidation of companies

  • Succession and inheritance planning

  • Corporate strategy and business plans

  • Company analysis and valuations

  • Accompanying and supporting the restructuring of businesses

  • Risk analysis and implementation of due diligence reviews

  • Support with the implementation of an ICS

  • CFO on a temporary basis

  • Boards of directors’ mandates

  • Company domiciles

Accounting and Financial Statements
  • Management of financial and operational accounting

  • Preparation of interim and annual financial statements

  • Analysis of key figures and balance sheets

  • Financial and liquidity planning

  • Assistance with budgeting

  • Preparation of VAT declarations and annual reconciliations

HR administration
  • Payroll accounting

  • Salary reports

  • Income statements

  • Communication with authorities, insurance companies and banks

  • Social security declarations

  • Assistance with AHV / SUVA audits

  • Entire HR administration including support with personnel recruitment

Real Estate
  • Administrative management of condominium communities

  • Annual accounts with specific cost allocations to condominium owners, including deferrals for tax purposes

  • Conduct of the annual meeting

  • Representation of the condominium community before authorities and contractors

  • Administrative management of rental properties

  • Assistance in buying / selling real estate

  • Planning and management of renovation work

  • Employment and supervision of caretakers

  • Reviewing and defining workflows

  • Creation of IT tools (lists, evaluations, templates)

  • Collection services

  • Mediation in case of disputes

Special life situations
  • Family Office services

  • Administration and handling of financial matters (e.g. during absences abroad, residence at retirement homes, etc.)

  • Contingency planning with regard to retirement

  • Succession and inheritance planning

  • Marriage and cohabitation contracts

  • Advance directives and living wills

  • Execution of wills

  • Reporting to the Child and Adult Protection Authority (KESB)

  • Development of a portfolio strategy, coordination of all advisors

  • Administrative services such as private accounting and applicable reports


Enrica Schaffner
Enrica Schaffner
  • Swiss Certified Fiduciary

044 454 80 31
Pascale Egloff
Pascale Egloff
  • Swiss Certified Fiduciary

044 454 80 32
Claudia Schuler
Claudia Schuler
  • Swiss Certified Fiduciary Expert
  • MAS FH in Fiduciary and Management Consulting

044 454 80 33
Karin Städeli
Karin Städeli
  • Swiss Certified Accountant
  • Swiss Certified Tax Expert

044 454 80 34
Eva Mäki
Eva Mäki
  • lic.rer.publ. HSG
  • LL.M. Taxation

044 454 80 35
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